why solar system?

  • The sun delivers more energy to earth in just one hour than one year worldwide consumption
  • Power from light (Sun) more durable, profitable and 100% emission free
  • Eco Friendly - Clean - Green technology
  • Matured Technology
    - Solar power generation data is available for wide range of conditions
  • Negligible Operational and Maintenance cost
    - Zero Mechanical parts
    - Due to gradual charging the life span of battery is higher
  • Zero costs of fuel mining, transportation and storage
  • Higher Returns and Shorter Pay Back Period
  • Energy security for 25 years
  • financial benefits

  • Capital Subsidy of upto Rs. 43000 per KW for Solar power pack with battery bank and Rs.21000 per KW for Grid-Tied Solar power plants from MNRE Govt. Of India.
  • Tax Saving due to Accelerated Depreciation @ 80%
  • Total savings of Rs. 9.00 lacs per KW in Energy bills over a period of 25 years
  • Savings in the cost of Inverter / UPS

India – Solar Density Map

  • India is endowed with abundant solar energy, which is capable of producing 5,000 trillion kilowatts of clean energy.

  • Has around 300-320 sunny days in a year

  • Solar insolation of 4-7 kWh per Sq. m./ day

  • If this energy is harnessed efficiently, it can easily reduce our energy deficit

  • Solar Map India

World Scenario

Future Electricity Charges

Present critical situation

Electricity Charges Per KWh in Maharashtra since 1991 and future trend

Electricity charges have witnessed constant growth in the past with the estimated growth expected to be much steep with lesser availability of conventional energy sources and increasing power demand

Future Electricity Charges

Tha above chart shows that electricity rates will go up further to Rs.34 by 2025.