Solar systems produces electricity with no emissions, no pollution, no greenhouse gases and no waste products.

Grid Tide Solar Power Generation

Without battery

Power generated from Solar is directly feed in the grid by smart inverters in a way that it is utilised on priority basis and shortfall if any is taken from grid on real time basis , this type of systems are relatively new in our country but the technology used is matured and time tested and almost 50000 Mw of solar power is generated in Europe useing this technology only. Load profile and size of Load is irrelvent for this system , 100KW system can be connected to a load up to any extent.

  • Zero maintenance system
  • No need of battery
  • Solar power is directly synchronised with grid power and utilized to the optimum level with smart computerized inverter
  • Project capacity up to 500 KW
  • Any type of load can be connected to this system


  • Capital subsidy @ Rs. 21,000 Per KW from MNRE Govt. OF India under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM)
  • As our Company M/s Aditya Green Energy Pvt. Ltd is registered channel Partner we can offer you the above Subsidy Upfront. Hence No need to Invest the Subsidy Amount and to spare time and energy in Followup for release of the same
  • Accelarated Depreciation @ 80% from the first year onwards , Due to this huge upfront saving in Tax outflow
  • Pay back of the investment in just 3 years considering Capital subsidy and Tax incentive
  • Energy Security for at least 25 years
  • Comprehensive Maintainance Warrantee for first 5 years for the entire system
  • System Life is minimum 25 years , Warrantee of 90% efficancy till first 10 years and 80% efficancy till 25 years by Module Manufacturers
  • Minimal Operation and Maintainance Cost after 5 years as the system is battery less and does not contain any mechnical part
  • Generation from Solar is assured
  • System can be easily installed on rooftop of the existing structutre or some vaccent place
  • Power Produced To be consumed at on site for life time
  • No gestation period generation from day one
  • No raw Material required
  • The system can be shifted from one place to another at very minimum cost